My Alpha Male (erotica)

My Alpha Male (erotica)

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SUPERSTAR1000 By SUPERSTAR1000 Updated May 19, 2016

This is extremely, extremely sexual, it is an erotica so don't read if underage. Thanks:)

My boss Julian walked out of his office. "Late again Lacy-"..."Holy fu***** shit Lacy get in my fu***** office right now!". I scampered into his office all the while pulling down my skirt over my butt, I looked down and saw the strap on my heel coming loose so I bent down to fix it. "F***" I straightened immediately to come face to face with my boss/mate. I slowly walked backwards as he descended upon me until I hit his desk. He caged me in with his arms and I had no choice but to look into his smoldering eyes. They were pitch black and filled with lust. I inhaled sharply, I could feel myself getting wet and since I wasn't wearing underwear I just creamed down my leg. He inhaled deeply "F*** Lacy I can fu***** smell how aroused you are." I could feel him getting hard against me and I moaned softly as I slowly rubbed against his length. "Lacy if you don't fu***** stop moving I'm going to open this office door and f*** you in front of the whole office." I was to far gone in the passion I was feeling to listen to him and I only started rubbing against his length faster. "That's it!" Julian put my legs around his waist and moved to open his office door.

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