Holding On To You

Holding On To You

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a space gay™️ By MalaxChiteeee Updated Jul 27, 2015

Josh Dun meets a girl during his final year in high school, along with becoming closer friends with Tyler Joseph, of his future band Twenty One Pilots, and falls in love with her. His friends find that completely strange that he would fall "in love" with a girl he had hardly known, but I guess the tables have turned for Josh and his friends. Despite Josh's social anxiety, he ends getting to know her, but she has a boyfriend already, the worst part is, her boyfriend is a total jerk to her and constantly cheats and makes her feel even more self-conscious than she already is, Josh wishes he could change that, the girl he falls for is too good for that treatment. He ends up growing closer and closer to her, listening to her problems and helping her through them, and he ends up helping her break up with her boyfriend, and then they get together, but things take a huge turn when she moves to Canada, long distance relationships are always tough, but then they lose touch, and to help him with moving on, he and Tyler Joseph start a band together.

Years later, at a concert, he meets up with her again. They end up becoming really close once again, but she's still dealing with the same problems, only now she lives alone and she's been having a hard time on her own. 

Will Josh be able to change her life and save her? Or will their relationship, or whatever they have, come crashing down?

Note: This is a reader-insert story. 
(There was not enough 21P related reader-inserts, so I decided to make one.) 

Triggers: Self-harm and Suicidal Thoughts (in the next chapter and onward). 
(I don't want anyone to read this and get upset, so I'm just putting a warning out here for anyone who is uncomfortable with these topics.)

I also take requests, so drop them in the comments, I won't do One Direction or Five Seconds of Summer fanfics, or any pop singer/band at all.
Sorry, guys! 

Update: After more than a year, chapter two should be up really soon!♡

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! c

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- - Jul 31, 2017
This story is so good so far and I write such long chapters plz update
linmanuelseyebrows linmanuelseyebrows Jul 31, 2017
I fought it a lot and it seems a lot like flesh is all i got, not anymore flesh out the door SWAT
Ripper12321 Ripper12321 Jun 20, 2017
Update please, not to hassle you or annoy you but it's been almost two years...