My Own One Piece.

My Own One Piece.

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So, here's the deal. My life was the worst. I had no friends, No family, and no one on the planet earth had a nice though towards me. I have no idea how I lived to the age of 18 with how so many people hated me and actually wanted me dead.

Then I wake up one morning and find myself in the One Piece world. With Portgas D. Ace himself.

My name is Ocean D. Aoi, and this is the story of how I found my own One Piece.

Yeah, can't be much worse than my old life.

You wanna go!? Do you wanna fight bi***!? *takes out fake earrings* Someone hold these!!
Oh yeah.. I'm proof I'm dumb i started reading this a while back and totally for got about Aoi!! I'm so ashamed
1StormyFox 1StormyFox Sep 14
Me: Caramel, calm you titties before you hurt yourself.
                              Camille: hey!! That's not my-
                              Me: AWWWW that's cute, you think I give a flying f*ck.
Me: Oh that's is the only part your interested? Hot guys...pft please bich not only hot guys. 
                              Sora: Fun adventures, funny jokes, yummy food that makes you drool, awesome powers, devil fruits, cool a$$ ship-
                              Me: *Covers Sora mouth* Okay I think the people get it now
whenever I see 'Aoi' I keep remembering
                              AOI AOI ANO SORAAAAAA
                              XD srry okay im done.
im not on it yet, still on Water 7 Arc but i almost cried when I saw it
                              ik, what am i doing still at Water 7
                              Oh, im just reading OP fanfics, making OP fanfics, watching spoilers, reading spoilers, reading manga 2 times