Tear in my Heart (twenty one pilots)

Tear in my Heart (twenty one pilots)

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Diana |-/ By blurryface Completed

Life is a mix of the good and the bad, and Jenna and Tyler have been through it all together.

But how did it all start?


I'm in the business of misery, let's take it from the top.
                              She got a body like an hour glass, its tickin like a clock.
I think I'm overloading someone send me the TØP doctors lol
I hate when you're at church or something and the people are treating you like you're five. Like, no I'm eleven.
Floral-Tyjo Floral-Tyjo Aug 17
No I just came from a fic called taken by sleep and I wanted to forget it
jalindsay5 jalindsay5 Sep 17
Is it weird that I like to read jyler fanfics because since my name is Jenna it's like reading x reader fanfics? 😂
I can relate ((I was born in Jersey but when my parents divorced, my dad moved to Arizona))