TVD Imagines/Preferences

TVD Imagines/Preferences

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llamaxgoat By llamaxgoat Updated Nov 05

Imagines/Preferences for Damon, Stefan, Tyler, Matt, Klaus, Alaric, Elijah, and Kol 


On Season 6 

Thanks to MayManiac for making this amazing cover :)

I do not own any of these characters.

I dont want tk be rude but that really sounds wierd he takes my stick and gets behind me😂😂😂
Could you do one where Klaus first Hybrid isn't Tyler,but a fragile girl called Joy who falls in love with Kol and he and Klaus are both very protective over her?
-venomously -venomously Jan 27
Hi! Can I please have a Matt one where he gets seriously hurt and reader looks after him and fixes him and they end up kissing or something. Reader is a vampire.
mistletara mistletara Jan 24
can i have one about matt please? maybe we're best friends and go on a road trip, then he confesses his feelings when we stop somewhere i love? (like colorado, in the mountains)
slawrence1212 slawrence1212 Aug 30, 2015
Hi I was wondering if you could maybe make one about Damon and the reader going swimming (she's human) and she almost drowns but Damon saves her? If you can that would be amazing! :-)
TrashforFandoms_704 TrashforFandoms_704 Jul 30, 2015
Hi! Can I have a Stefan and reader one? Can you make it about how she meets him at school. And they become best friends, but it becomes something more and she doesn't want to tell him because she's scared. But then realizes he loves her as well.