In Love with Someone's Teacher

In Love with Someone's Teacher

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SenpaiPhantomhive By SenpaiPhantomhive Updated May 01

I like to think that the events that lead to where I am today is life's way of saying ''Fuck you,'' which is exactly what happen. I have received life's ''Fuck you,'' loud and crystal clear. 

Never did I think that at age nineteen, I would be where I am today. A few years ago I would have thought I would be somewhere much more pleasing, somewhere much more superior than where I am today. Where I thought I would be, would be in a chair, in front of elaborate desk, in a much unneeded vast room, one of the many I thought I would have obtained, in the manor I should be in. I thought I would have a hand full of servants, who followed my orders on command, no questions needed to asked, nor would there be questions asked. 

But, that was not life's plan for me. Not in the slightest. Instead of a manor, I currently live in an apartment complex. Instead of the superior position I should've had, I'm employed to what would be considered childhood obesity's worst nightmare, MacDonald's. Instead o...

"When something is truly lost one can never get it back." - Me
DM7252 DM7252 Oct 02
I've been meaning to start reading these books for three months now... I wish I had the time
Making my way downtown
                              Walking fast
                              Facing past
                              And I'm home bound
I haven't read black butler manga in a while but I'm just now realizing that meyrin was the maid alois the gardener and bard the cook I like had a MASSIVE fan girl moment rn nk
now the only thing it needs is a hot demon butler and it's black butler 😁😁
Ciel baby no. Cigarettes are bad for you. No. Sebastian stop this habit right now.