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A Frenchman, a Brit, and a Magic Mistake (FrUk)

A Frenchman, a Brit, and a Magic Mistake (FrUk)

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NinPen By NinjaPenguin1302 Updated Apr 07, 2016

Another day, another meeting leaving Arthur exhausted and upset. The cause of it all? An annoying Frenchman that just won't leave him alone. Finally being tired of it all, Arthur decides to find a spell that will get rid of Francis once and for all. But with Arthur's skills in magic, something goes horribly wrong. As a result he is forced to live and be taken care of by Francis. Will Arthur be able to rely on his enemy until the spell wears off?

He sounds like his dad or big  brother . Like what have I told you about magic you know what happens when you use it
Um, what. What happened. Peter is there? Is this a Peter who has escaped from the wolves of Gutters and is now trying to keep Denmark alive by stalking him secretly? You know what legs just go with that.
I would be sobbing my heart out if I was turned back into a little kid
PrinsessZeldaHylia PrinsessZeldaHylia Jul 06, 2016
A sunny day in England??
                              Queen Elizabeth : This is not the land I vowed to rule with an iron fist!
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Dec 10, 2016
He's not the only one who would cry when you got turned into a child.... I would cry too... Then after wards I'll think.... 'Screw this!!! I'll just enjoy being a kid by pranking many people!!! ' Then.... That's that...