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Little Strength (Sequel to Daddy's Girl DDLG)

Little Strength (Sequel to Daddy's Girl DDLG)

3.6M Reads 131K Votes 73 Part Story
all the love. x - e By mrbieberswifey Completed

With her fate back in the hands of her old, evil, yet clever Master, Rosie fights to stay alive and strong. While her limits are being tested to the extreme, Justin searches high and low for his babygirl, the love of his life, before it's too late. 

With life testing their will, their love, and whatever little strength they have, will Justin and Rosie survive?

Find out in "Little Strength"

Must read "Daddy's Girl" first to understand.

Do you still call him daddy when you have a kid? Or do you just grow up?
Yes girl smash that hate. But this little loves your story I'm so hooked I love you💗💗💗💗💗
I can't find the playlist on spotify? Do you just search " a little strength playlist" in the searching thing? Sry it has been so long since i've used spotify, but I wanted to listen to this❤
nybabes nybabes Feb 07
*calls gang*
                              *Knocks down door*
                              *Break everyone's neck*
                              *Slices throat*
                              *Saves Rosie*
                              *Walks out house, while in slomo putting on sunglasses and Vlad's house blows uo"
This needs to be made as a real book and published all around the world , the work that you have created and the storyline is just AMAZING! Be proud hunny because this has what it takes !