The Devil's Wolves Pack Series:  The Wolf and The Wiccan.

The Devil's Wolves Pack Series: The Wolf and The Wiccan.

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Walter Woodard By SexWithSupernaturals Completed

Avery has always been afraid. First he was afraid of thunder. Then it was his parents. Then it was the kids at school. At the time he thought nothing of it but then he was attacked at nine years old by what his young mind could only describe as a werewolf. Bitten with force and aggression, his twin brother Adam his hero scared the beast off. No one believed him when he said he was bitten by a huge gray wolf. No not even his hero. Searching for answers he grows up spending time on an Indian reservation where he studies under the shamans and learns that the beast that attacked him was in fact a werewolf and that the wolf is his mate. Ten years later Avery's fear has doubled and he has practically become a nervous wreck then he runs into the thing he fears most in the world. His mate. the Beta of his twin brothers Alpha mate. Tired of being afraid Avery decides to take his wiccan training to the next level by conjuring a spirit of the light. after just a taste of power he hungers for more

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Master_eve Master_eve Aug 14, 2017
Is that ghosttt my niggaaaaaaa you out of jail boiiiii and you a werewolffff boiiiiiiiiiiiii I
MirandaMoten MirandaMoten Apr 26, 2017
Its Luke from the 2016 Immortal Instruments tv series. And he's a werewolf in the book also except his wolf is grey here and brown on the show.
LadyDeath98 LadyDeath98 Feb 24, 2017
So is there other parts of this book and is the the first book or second
DottstheDalmatian DottstheDalmatian Sep 22, 2016
I was loving it then it said suger cane and reminded me I have history home work
rwayne08 rwayne08 Mar 02, 2017
I love diversity in these stories.  Shawn is a very pleasant dark and handsome character.
MariUchiha MariUchiha Jul 28, 2015
To tell the truth I didn't wanted Avery to forgive Shawn so fast...  I wanted Shawn to realize what he has done and control his wolf better (<.<)    (>.>) Come on he loses the control every time he sees Avery  (ಠ_ಠ)