Sister Swan

Sister Swan

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Amy By amybeasley07 Updated Oct 18, 2017

When the Cullen's left Forks, Isabella Swan was tore apart and quickly became depressed. Rushing to her aid, Bella's sister Amy Swan arrives in Forks and is hell bent of helping her sister get over this heartbreak and bringing the sister she's always known back. 

Amy has known about the supernatural world a lot longer than her sister as she is good friend with the LAPush wolves. She has seen and heard many stories about vampires and always seen them as evil and dangerous creatures.

The Cullen's end up returning to Forks and bonds are mended between Edward and Bella but not for Amy. However when a certain Cullen takes an interest in her then she is shown that not all vampires are the same and the Cullen clan live by different rules. 

The LaPush wolves and the Cullen's detest each other as their natural instructs instruct them to therefore putting Amy in the middle. She is tied between the wolf family she adores and the man she is falling fast for. 

Will Amy allow herself to love Emmet? Will the divide be too much? Will she be able to cope with the battles and wars? Will she survive everything that comes her way?

Read to find out.

Please be warned this story contains strong language, sexual discussions and content, violence and mature content.

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