The Beast and His Mate

The Beast and His Mate

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rcgirl10 By rcgirl10 Updated Sep 28, 2017

What was I doing? 
This was not me?

 He pushed me up higher against the tree. My legs were forced to wrap around his hips to provide stability. I could feel his rough hand on the back of my thighs rubbing in small circles. It felt so damn good. His warm, moist lips were sucking, nibbling, kissing my neck relentlessly. I couldn't stop the moan that left my mouth as he nibbled on my sweet spot. This man was a god.

"Kitten you are mine. Your body, your heart and your soul was designed for me. Nobody can have you but me, " he growled before taking my lips between his.

Xander was ruthless. He was powerful. He was king of the werewolves. Ruling a species for over a decade without a mate at his side he became the villain in your children's stories. When his wrath was unleashed you would be quivering in fear for the rest of your life if you were lucky enough to escape. 

When Alexandra moves into town he know she was his but here is the catch. She is a human. Will she accept Xander and accept his world or will she reject him and his love leading to the downfall of the lycan race?

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Misssophia527 Misssophia527 Sep 28, 2017
Wowowowowow good for you not being one of those 'typical girls' yeah that's great.
frozenheart2762 frozenheart2762 Feb 02, 2017
Hey guys I'm making this new book called the big bad wolf and the unfortunate mate, and It would mean the world to me if you guys where to view it and gave me lots if feed back and suggestions. if you do then thank 😇
caramelxgoddess caramelxgoddess Jan 25, 2016
I once ran into a pole. And a trailer. And fell down the stairs. Into the door. 😭😩
fun-size-beautyqueen fun-size-beautyqueen Jan 12, 2016
My name is finally in a book!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!! *praying and hoping that the girl named Elle doesn't turn out to be a bitch*
pianocat12345 pianocat12345 Dec 12, 2015
Ok, that's scary because I actually have a character in a book I'm writing at home called Alexandra and her boyfriends surname is Wilson!!
                              I'm gonna have to get her married now!!
Billi3112 Billi3112 Dec 12, 2015
This is soo me including being accident prone and walking into objects