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Eliza By leafy28 Updated Feb 28

Bat Family book! Damian and Bruce have a big argument where Bruce kicks Damian out! With nowhere else to go, Damian turns to Jason. See how they bond and what Bruce will do when he figured out that Damian is still upholding the Robin name. (Damian is 8)

Bad summary, sorry. I don't own pictures


Well, it was good knowing you bruce cause when Alfred and Dick find out...
CherryPieEvenings CherryPieEvenings Nov 22, 2015
Oh, you know Alfred is gonna have a few words for daddy bats, lol
Yaoi_Ninja_63 Yaoi_Ninja_63 Nov 20, 2015
I like how you showed the other parts of Jason's personality, most people don't do that when they write these kinds of stories.
CreativeLeilani CreativeLeilani Sep 25, 2015
I think this would be a great book because I never really read a book where Damian and jason. be nice to each other so I really think this would be a great book