Deal or Death? Your choice! (Bill Cipher x reader)

Deal or Death? Your choice! (Bill Cipher x reader)

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✎Victoria & Krystal✎ By randomfangirl123 Updated Mar 18

You have been living in Gravity Falls all 20 years of your life. What happens when you meet a weird, floating, snazzy dressing Dorito and make a deal with him? What happens when Stan makes a deal? Your soul gets sold, that's what. What does Cipher plan to do with you? It can't be good...can it? 
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KiyaListon KiyaListon Dec 04, 2016
If you get to call me kid, i get to call you a dorito, deal?
ShadowClaw0902 ShadowClaw0902 Aug 05, 2016
Whatever Dorito. You call me kid, I call you Dorito! Do we have a deal?
Neve_eveN Neve_eveN Jul 31, 2016
Bill: I'm NOT a DORITO
                              Me: So...this won't mess with you if i....*Takes a bag of Doritos*
                              Bill: *Stares on questiongly*
                              Me: *drops the bag*
                              Bill: Wha-
                              Me: *Stomps on the bag*
                              Bill: *Not a Dorito* ...
                              Me: awww it didn't work *is now sad*
IllusionHeart16 IllusionHeart16 Jun 20, 2016
Me: *sees floating Dorito* THANK YOU JESUS FOR SENDING ME THIS GIFTTTTT! *Goes for kill* *Bill Sidesteps laughing*
The_Shipper_56 The_Shipper_56 Sep 30, 2015
When you get the chance, please update. No rush. It's just it's really good. :)