Martin Garrix Imagines

Martin Garrix Imagines

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Martin Garrix By TheCookieMonster_xO Updated Dec 22, 2015

You wake up to see Martin gone. 

Where is he? You thought. You ignored it and wanted to take a shower so you went to your closet 

and picked out some clothes. You went in your bathroom and started taking off your clothes. You 

felt like your where being stalked but ignored it. You finished taking off your clothes and went in the 

shower and turned on the shower when your turn around you see a naked Martin smirking. 

You cover yourself but Martin laughs. 

"Don't cover yourself. It's not like i haven't seen it." He whispers the last part but loud enough to  hear   it. 

You smack his arm. 

"Well get out i'm going to take a shower so can you please get out." You say nicely 

"No i think we should shower together." He said smirking.

 You roll your eyes and turn to get your soap we Martin slaps your ass.

 "MARTIN." You say loudly. 

"I love it when you scream my name" We whispers in your ear. You moan in responds. 

He turns you around and starts kissing your neck. You moan and...

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