Don't Remind Me

Don't Remind Me

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Layla Hayat is many things; 
philanthropist, introvert, gymnast, bad drummer, prodigal daughter of a famous designer...
....Forgiving is not one of them.

6 years have passed since HE broke her heart.
What on earth could have brought him back into her life?

Azaan Malik is many things;
Ambitious, Former class clown, Unapologetic flirt, Commitment-phobic, Food stealer...
....Quitter is not one of them.

He wants what he considers his: Layla. 
Nothing will stop him from breaking down the walls she is determined to build around herself. 

DISCLAIMER: This isn't an "Islamic" book, it simply has "Muslim" characters. It is not meant to preach, or depict perfect Muslims, or be a representation of the religion itself.

WARNING: Slightly Mature Language. Some scenes may be disturbing.

AuroraBorealis9 AuroraBorealis9 Nov 20, 2016
OK so seriously I never hears this story before. Even though my name is laila and everyone is telling me their own version of laila majnu's story. Btw I'm so excited to read this book. My sister suggested this to me but me being the lover of her name, I'm gonna read it because laila is the MC.
_Wamia0596 _Wamia0596 Jan 07
Just a little warning : I'm reading this book all over again, which means there's a high possibility of me spamming you with a zillion comments.
SyedaSumaiya SyedaSumaiya Apr 15, 2016
Ah! The introduction is interesting. I am quite sure I'll love this book
sajmra sajmra Mar 09, 2016
Rumi is my hero. No joke I have his quotes everywhere. <3 him and Ibn Al Qayyim
numbtoes numbtoes Mar 09, 2016
hey do you think i should start reading and not wait for you to finish? keep in mind that ill be done some time around friday. so will you put me in misery by not updating at my pace or do you want me to put you in misery by haunting you.
_EclipseSouls_ _EclipseSouls_ Jul 15, 2016
Please read my book and leave a comment on what you think <3