A Dragon's Love  {BxB} {BDSM}

A Dragon's Love {BxB} {BDSM}

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Ahndrai Rihuki By Yaoi_Is_My_Life_1995 Updated Apr 26, 2016

Each dragon has a human body and a human mate. The thing is all the dragons are male and so are their mates. It's rare to see a female dragon. The rare female dragons are barren and unable to bare children with their mates. Human males are the ones who bare the children.

When Ishimaru a dragon prince comes of age to use his human form his father sends him to the human realm to find his mate. Things don't exactly go as planned when his best fiend is murdered trying to protect him. He has to search alone and get revenge at the same time. How will he tell his best friends mate that he died if he ever finds his best friends or his own mate?

Kami was a simple guy. Yes he was openly gay and always liked hanging out in the woods. He grew up knowing about the mythical creatures that roamed around despite them having their own realm. He finds a handsome guy carrying a body into an alleyway so he decided to follow and see what was going on. He did not expect to see what he saw. Nor did he think this was going to be a part of him soon.

  • blood
  • boyxboy
  • demons
  • dragons
  • humans
  • mpreg
  • romance
  • vampires
  • yaoi
Melsistaken587 Melsistaken587 Oct 01, 2017
When you watch flat liners and this kid says he can bring him back
Stormyfur Stormyfur Feb 15, 2016
I have a question for you, seeing as I read your bio, and am now curious, do you use you own are for the cover/characters?
This song is so good, I am hooked. And I just fell in love. Ugh.
daddyissues-thenbhd daddyissues-thenbhd Jun 27, 2016
I thought it was a Drarry fanfic, coz Draco's name means dragon and this was suggested
GaytasticMonster GaytasticMonster Dec 11, 2015
It sounds interesting so far. I'm excited to see where this goes.