A Dysfunctional Family

A Dysfunctional Family

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The Fangirl By fullofcrazyness Completed

This is a side story/sequel to 'Diaries of Nations'.

Alfred has Anorexia/Bulimia and Arthur is cutting himself. Matthew and Francis want to help them recover and make their little/ broken family whole again. Can they do it? 

Find out inside.

I don't want anyone relapsing because of this, so please please PLEASE read carefully.

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You see in the country where I'm from you pay before you get your food, because people seem to just get up and leave
patowan patowan Feb 22
I’m rereading this after a while, I’m not even sure how long but—
Me. I let my friends drag me where ever as long as their happy lol
obsessionary obsessionary Dec 25, 2017
I’m nearly out of highschool and my girlfriend is in college and she hates it when I order from the kids menu XD
Wait what?! Where’s the tea at tho? Maybe they’re in Boston and it all got dumped in the Harbor
*didn't read any of the orders* what's with people flipping out about Arthur's order *reads only Arthur's order* what the hell .....WHO IS THIS IMPOSTER ARE THERE ANY OTHERS?!?!