Change Of Plans (Watty Awards 2013)

Change Of Plans (Watty Awards 2013)

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"Daddy! No no no no no! I don't want some delinquent staying here with Lola and I! You're going to be gone the whole entire summer! You can't leave us here with some stranger." I yelled to my dad

"Dez, he is my friends son and he needs some help. He doesn't mix in with the right people and he needs to hang around people his own age. You guys met....when you were like four but still hunny. Please try...for me." my dad looked at me pleadingly.

"Fine dad, just for you." I gave in.

All Desiree wanted to do was spend her summer with her bestfriend Lola. But that just couldn't happen because Vincent, her dads best friends troubled son, has come to live with her for the summer. This story will go on a journey of the two, with them fighting, making up, maybe a hook up or two? But will it be enough? Will they fall in love?

AnneValerious AnneValerious Sep 24, 2016
All I can think is black hair, green eyes, harry potter's actually magnificent version. ;) :p
- - Nov 19, 2016
I am seriously staring at a packet of crisps and wondering if I should eat them or not
ZeeSterr ZeeSterr Sep 17, 2016
Hey guys! I wrote a short romantically sad story that I believe many people can relate to it. I would love it if you could check it out! It's called The Fallen Rose. Read it and comment! :D
Your-Future-Idol Your-Future-Idol Oct 05, 2016
I love it! Just a little advice the dialogue was kind of weird like once brake the it all up and make an actual conversation not just phrase with a sh+t ton of words other than that I love it!!!!!!
amommy208 amommy208 Oct 07, 2016
a confidant hot guy who rambles 🙃 this is new!! I like it!!
amommy208 amommy208 Oct 07, 2016
I second that! Lol.  I had to just them up and the song. Neither one impressed me in the slightest.