Kizuna [ KHR Fanfiction ]

Kizuna [ KHR Fanfiction ]

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Aizawa Mio By AizawaMio Completed

The day when a twin of Miyoshi and Tsunayoshi being born, was a day which everyone on Vongola famiglia waited for.

Vongola mansion is no longer silent since they come to.. everyone love them. 

But one day, Tsunayoshi and Nagi being kidnapped by Vongola enemy, Byakuran. 

Tsunayoshi keeps on resisting from obeying Byakuran when he experimenting him but Byakuran have another plan. He control Tsunayoshi. To release Tsunayoshi, Nagi attempt to follow Byakuran orders too. 

will they be free? what will the other do to help them? 

1st generation as parents and 10th generation as child.

  • 10thgeneration
  • 1stgeneration
  • abuse
  • byakuran
  • experimented
  • hurtcomfort
  • katekyohitmanreborn
  • khr
  • kidnapped
  • mindcontrol
  • parental
  • reborn
  • sawadatsunayoshi
  • tsunayoshi
  • twintsuna
ForgetfulPiscean ForgetfulPiscean Mar 23, 2017
XD now they are both dead.... I mean knocked out.... Giotto squished Tsuna's body.....
ForgetfulPiscean ForgetfulPiscean Mar 20, 2017
The fudge Giotto became a father to his great great great grandson? Omg erase that state that Tsuna was still his great great great grandson. He was a father to Tsuna! Cheers!
ForgetfulPiscean ForgetfulPiscean Mar 23, 2017
Omg how can he be okay if he fell 30 steps of stairs!? He is barbaric!
Otaku91112 Otaku91112 Oct 22, 2015
It's actually Takeshi, and Ugetsu. Those u wrote are their last names.