My twin sister's boyfriend

My twin sister's boyfriend

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sarahs29 By sarahs29 Updated Apr 23

"Why do you keep rejecting me?"  He said getting closer to me as my back hit the counter of the kitchen. 

"You know damn well why James. I cannot do This to her. She's my sister". I snap at him. 

He smirk and got closer to me. He lift me up and put me on the counter as He came between my legs and grabbed my waist tightly. 

"What if I didn't care?" He said kissing my neck. He started sucking and biting on it as I moan making him smirk. "You're mine Ruby". He said crashing his lips furiously on mine.

Oh my god!!! How did I end falling in love with my twin sister's boyfriend?

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I’m sorr, but if my sisters boyfriend was Tobias Eaton, I wouldn’t be able to reject him for long.
LaylaGhaith LaylaGhaith Dec 02
hey, could you please take a look at my story and give me some feedback and tips, please. My story is called 'shut out feelings'  I really need it
I don't know why , but if he was here right now , I would want my imaginary husky dog , Thunder , to shoot him lightning until he DIES!
Because you are crazy i would never fall you i will never hurt my sister an i surely won't let you hurt her😈😈
nikkibriescarose nikkibriescarose 6 days ago
The title reminds me of the poem Sister Maude by Christina Rossetti, and just the title.
Because even my single grandmother would choose Justin Bieber over you