Hard Lessons (Larry Bdsm)

Hard Lessons (Larry Bdsm)

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Louis Toplinson By ScreamingLarry69 Updated Oct 11, 2015

Hey guys, sorry bout having to delete my last stories they just weren't going to plan but I hope you enjoy this one!! 
Btw #LouisTops 
Don't forget this is the 2011 Harry and the 2015 Louis (I know that the Louis in the cover isn't 2015 Louis but I just like the picture)
Harry's POV

"Oi Harry over here!" I turned to see my blond best friend at the school doors,

"Hey Niall" we walked inside to get to the lockers before the morning rush, the worst part of the day if you ask me,

"Hey, so have you heard the news?" I turned to see Niall grinning so wide you might have thought he had won the lottery or something,

"What did you finally make a move on Miss Calder?" I smirked knowing he had one of the biggest crushes ever on the science teacher, when I saw the blush cover his cheeks I knew the answer,

"N-no not y-yet" he's stuttering now! 

"Are you ever gonna do it Nialler?" He gave me a slightly angered expression and said "Fuck off Haz"

"Niall calm down, I was kidding, now what's t...

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AnaBeatrizBeatrizAna AnaBeatrizBeatrizAna Jun 17, 2017
"Are you ever gonna do it Louis?" He gave me a slightly angered
namshitface namshitface Jan 29
if my friend did this i would zayn so fast and come back running with my hand out to slap them and tell them "YOU GOOD BRO?! DO YOU NEED THE SURVEY????"
Niall: You okay?
                              Yeah, you see..I'm speaking to my genitals
                              Niall: Remind me why we're friends again
creator1dx creator1dx Jun 27, 2016
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ScreamingLarry69 ScreamingLarry69 Sep 17, 2015
Sorry life has been really busy but I promise I'll update by the end of the week ok, but thanks it means alot that u enjoyed the first chapter x
Idontwantyoutohurt Idontwantyoutohurt Sep 17, 2015
No pressure or anything but when are you going to update? I need Larry NEED it!!!!! Sorry take your time but not really XD