He's An Amewiccan Beauty (Frerard)

He's An Amewiccan Beauty (Frerard)

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That feel when you read one book and end up accidentally killing your girlfriend as a result of it.

See, Frank knew reading was bad for you, although it was probably inappropriate to walk up to your girlfriend's dead body and say 'I told you so'. It was quite honestly an accident though, like Frank really did not mean to set fire to the girls' dorms, and end up killing four students as a result of it, then again, Frank really shouldn't have picked up a book entitled 'Standardised Spellbook 1989-1994' and thought that it would be a good idea to try out some of the 'spells' inside the thing, however it had just so happened that Frank was both a skeptic and an idiot, and that was easily a recipe for disaster.

There was of course also the rather unavoidable fact that he was indeed a witch, however Frank still had trouble coming to terms with what he'd done to his girlfriend, let alone how it could have happened. However, thank god, or well, a certain psychic by the name of Ray Toro, that he wasn't alone in this, because Ray knew the moment he set eyes upon the boy, that Frank was so undeniably involved with the fire, but Ray's powers weren't quite strong enough to figure out as to how.

The actual discovering of the aforementioned 'how' was left to the Way brothers, your local campus vampires and supernatural experts, well, Mikey was an expert, Gerard just kind of sat there, being the least vampiric vampire in existance - he was a vegan, for god's sake!

But it was indeed Gerard, not Mikey, that looked once at the nineteen year old and relayed him his whole life story. How Gerard had managed that, well, not even Gerard himself knew that, but he did know that he had to try his best to help poor Frank Iero bring his girlfriend back from the dead, no matter how little luck in that it seemed as if they would have.

(witch!frank) (vampire!gerard) (weeabootrashveganaestheticblogger!gerard) (vampire!mikey) (psychic!ray) (transguy!frank) (college au)

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Sue_Dnim Sue_Dnim Nov 25, 2017
I love how everyone is collectively traumatized by ASOTM.
                              Someone could just say, "motherfucking cornflakes." 
                              And everyone would understand regardless of setting.
just remember you will always burn as bright...
                              the light behind your eyes.
I just figured out through these comments what he did and I don't think I know the half of it
how the hell do i match? my aesthetic is a walrus compared to gee's.
damn, at least they weren't expelled. or should i say, ex-spelled?