Poisoned love ( klaus love story )

Poisoned love ( klaus love story )

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Echo Gilbert is Elena Gilbert's identical twin sister but is older by 5 minuets.

She's quit bitchy but never shows it. She has a personality no body knows about. 

What happens when klaus mikaelson comes into the picture read to find out....  

"Gosh, I wish I hated you!" Klaus screamed, the glass he held in his hand smashing into shattered pieces due to his sheer anger.

Echo's eyes softened to his harsh words. Her mouth slightly dropped in awe and her mind went blank. So this was the Klaus that everyone hated, the Klaus that everyone wanted her to stay away from. Echo's eyes welled up with tears. 

"I thought you were different ... I stood up for you and now you want to hate me?" She shoved him with all her might, him barely even stumbling back. His eyebrows rose in shock due to the violence she had never shown before.

"Screw you, Niklaus Mikaelson!" She continued and then stormed off to the door. Not even grabbing the door handle yet, Klaus super-sped in front of her and grabbed her wrists, gripping them so tightly, she couldn't break free. 

She tried to escape, jamming her elbows in his broad chest, not even knowing that the tears broke through and were streaming down her face profusely. Not even one minute later, she gives up the fight, resting her forehead on his chest, breathing heavily now.

"You done yet?" He asked, resting his chin on the top of her head. She didn't respond and tried to recover her breathing, her heart rate decelerating. She took another sigh before speaking.

"No ... not yet ..."

issabellariemenss issabellariemenss Jun 25, 2016
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__qveendes __qveendes Jun 18, 2016
I thought Elena and her we're twins which makes them both 17..??
kay-kay_13 kay-kay_13 Feb 26, 2016
'HAYMITCH ABERNATHY' *effie trinket*
                              'I volunteer as tribute' *peeta mellark*
verifiedargent verifiedargent Jul 18, 2016
If her and Elena are twins. Shouldn't he recognize her as the doppelgänger....
wdringer wdringer Nov 08, 2015
Um klaus knows Elena because he's a hybrid, how doesn't he realize she looks like Elena and how didn't Damon recognize her?Im confused lol...