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Heather By darkbieb Updated Aug 28, 2013

'Justin Bieber. To you he's the inspirational, adorable, humble pop star.
To me, he's the manipulative, abusive, obsessive ex-best friend.'

As children, Justin Bieber always seemed to be possessive over his best friend India Johnson, telling her what and what not to do. The two of them were inseparable and Justin had India wrapped around his little finger.
Then came the day Justin got signed by LA Reid and had to leave behind what was his to live his dream.

Now, five years later Justin's back in Stratford and looking to claim his possessions.

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youwouldliketoknow youwouldliketoknow May 31, 2016
Same I don't like heat or sun (I live in California it's summer everyday)
netflixandme netflixandme Feb 12, 2016
Ummmmmmm...... Well I love Canada ( I live in Canada so I know), but I would NEVER say no to a trip to the Bahamas ( cuz it's winter everyday here basically)
FlipThatBirdy FlipThatBirdy Aug 20, 2014
Justin. Is. Scarrrryyyy. My gawd. If I was her right now, I would move to Lewiston Miane and hide forever. Celebs don't go there so I can just hang back and chiiilll ;)
Cheeky213 Cheeky213 Jun 07, 2013
oh nuggets! :") I love this book :) more Pleeeeaaasssseeeeee :"D
natrat1999 natrat1999 Mar 18, 2013
I like it   Please update. I want to read more about this book