Fires at Midnight (Cedric Diggory)

Fires at Midnight (Cedric Diggory)

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Lady Ghost of a Rose By ladyghostofarose Completed

In the world of magic they say a veela, like a siren, is perhaps the most tempting being there is with their magnificent power and artistry of seduction. If that is the case than the new student coming to Hogwarts was the Leonardo da Vinci of the art of enticement making a veela's art look like preschoolers finger painting. 

Her mere presence radiates beauty, danger, and coldness as she comes to Hogwarts with death and destruction following her every step. She is the last to possess the greatest of ancient blood making her very powerful but such magic is sought to no end by evil.

She comes to Hogwarts in refuge, however being surrounded by so many quickly causes the girl to become even more agitated and dangerous as wizards continue to desire and crave her affection.

Will a special wizard be able to thaw her icy heart or will the Triwizard Tournament be enough to divert their attention?

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I love the use of greek mythology in your story but I think Phobos represents fear and horror and Ares is the god of war
They walk in see me with all the gold and money and stuff and I just look at them and say, "well this awkward..."
@VickyHouliara in my opinion,the story said that Phobos is the son of Aphrodite and Ares,and Phobos represents Fear and Horror. (Sorry bad english)