❝ Transformers ❞ | Bumblebee X Reader | Book I

❝ Transformers ❞ | Bumblebee X Reader | Book I

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LoveRandomness By LoveRandomness Completed

The fate of humanity is at stake when two races of robots,Autobots and Decepticons bring just war down on Earth.Seeking for power but the only youth,Sam and yn Witwicky can save the work from total destruction...

In the present,Sam and (Y/N) buy their first car,a rusting Chevrolet Camaro,but discovers it had a life of its own.

Began In Aug.3,2015s
Ended in Aug.14,2015

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What if you don’t have hair? ‘Cause I don’t.
                              (Not cancer)
car saying "hi" and heating up when you touch it?
                              something is fishy >.>
i named one of the old family car "Blue flame" and another one "Snow queen".....
                              it's totally normal
- - Jan 13
Jack, on Bee's account!
                              Bee likes reading these stories. The descriptions of him make him super embarrassed.
tt_1058 tt_1058 Jun 29
I named my mums car ironhide but i call him ironaft for a nickname
You're a wizard Harry
                              Black and Yellow by Wiz Kalfia and someone else I think
                              Bodak yellow
                              Yellow mellow
                              Basically anything that had to do with the  phrase "The car picks the driver" or the colors Black and Yellow