Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

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21 year old Miranda was out of college looking for a job.She was helping her mother who worked as a maid for a billionaire.Her mom had to go help out Miranda's grandma and asked if Miranda can fill in for her for a couple months She also asked if her cousin Eric come and live with Miranda for a couple months.

  27 year old Max Williams was a billionaire who owned many companies.When the daughter of his most loyal maid comes to work for him Max.Feels an attraction to the quiet the beautiful Australian Miranda.

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MoniqueBlount MoniqueBlount Apr 03, 2016
Shame.... you turned your back and then he slipped me a mickey
YounMyung YounMyung Feb 29, 2016
I would be like your cute and all but no thanks I'll just change somewhere else
twilights1 twilights1 Jun 29, 2016
So angies gay??...and who the hell drugs somebody on there second day there??😑😑
nuriffahaqilah nuriffahaqilah Jun 13, 2016
in your what...say it again....room what?? i think u said your room?? pls tell i hear it wrong...
minkafox minkafox Jun 03, 2016
dammn girl, how u gonna clean that place up, i wud just leave the minute i steped foot in it
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Jan 21, 2016
Max you sob, why did you drug miranda like that .she nw ver did anything to you you sick bastard along with angie with her sick perverted ways on miranda.you both need to leave her alone.