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Hybrid (GirlxGirl) ~Fixing~

Hybrid (GirlxGirl) ~Fixing~

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BroodyAF By innermoka Updated Nov 15, 2016

"You've got to be shitting me" 

No way. There's no way that I can possibly destroy a whole entire race. I can't even watch a dog adoption commercial without even keeping my eyes from raining down tears, but here I am being told that I can either bring piece to the vampires and werewolves or destroy one of them.

Being told that exact thing by my dead mothers spirit...or ghost...I don't really know how to take this. 

My mother..queen of vampires. And my father..King of Werewolves. Obviously not a lot of people took that very well. With that said that makes me and my sister...something new. 

And guess what? My sister is my mate. Phew didn't see that one coming did you? Well neither did I..or well I did..subconsciously. 

And now all these vampires and werewolves want me to use me against each other. Like I'm some thing that can be owned. Well guess what? I'm not. And I won't let anyone use me. They're going to try and hurt my mate. Hurt my family. My friends. But I won't let them. I'll make them understand we can live in harmony. Whatever It takes.

Mwise23 Mwise23 Jul 20, 2016
Seriously like almost same mine is in 3 days and I shall turn 17 xD perhaps I shall wait a few days to read this so I can relate exactly lol
Yaquiriam Yaquiriam Oct 08, 2016
Wouldn't age be 20 sence they got her when she was 4? 4+16=20....why would agree be in school? Lol
ChocolateWolfNinja ChocolateWolfNinja Apr 30, 2016
I'm boyish. But not as boyish as Ashy-Dub. Especially to fact her hair is very very I mean very short. But it's cute. 🐺🐺🐺😁😁😁😁
KleinStory KleinStory Apr 24, 2016
Incest! Incest! Incest! Yes! Though theyre not blood related its fine.
Salerno546 Salerno546 Mar 16, 2013
This was a pretty good start for your story, there were a few minor grammar mistakes but other than that great chapter