Five Nights in Anime

Five Nights in Anime

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Damian By ArchieX2Y Updated Jan 12, 2017

''If I had a job that was normal for me, at least to keep me up, a summer job that pays pretty big. I got this job my mother thought I'll like and I got accepted when no one else really know more than the pay.''

Damian earned a job at ''Freya's Anime Diner'' and is scheduled for 5 nightshifts, from Monday-Friday. 3 reasons why he wanted this job, first reason is his love for anime, second reason is the pay and the third reason is just because he thinks its easy watching over the animatronics. Until he realizes that this job was far from normal from he originally thought.

How is he going to deal with all these female anime animatronics that are probably out to rape him? Why aren't there male animatronics? How is he going to deal with an old anime-tronic from the past? Is he going to survive? Are they really what they expect to be?

FNAF is owned by Scott Cawthon. The version of the animatronics in this story belong to Mairusu Paua.


Story has been finished.

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Wratharis Wratharis Apr 24, 2017
Easily my best dream if you exclude the dream of murdering americans..
zach1221 zach1221 Mar 23, 2016
Can grab my shotgun my armor grenades and flamethrower and just go kill them all
yourBlack_friend yourBlack_friend Oct 02, 2016
We had teh guns for u to kill eachOther and tedy bers fo teh funeral
yourBlack_friend yourBlack_friend Oct 02, 2016
Beaned potatoes tat expired too yrs ago (I ment to spell it like that) fres eggs from teh Ducs
boolausus123 boolausus123 Aug 16, 2015
Please make more. :3 I just read stories for fun, I wanted to see if anyone made a Five Nights In Anime story, looks like it. :3