What Just Happened? (Misha X reader) fanfic

What Just Happened? (Misha X reader) fanfic

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Gillybean By GillianDemofonte Completed

This is a Misha X reader story set in a fantasy world. A world in which Misha is divorced, and you are in you late 20's (if you're under 18). You find West one day in a hallway crying for his dad. He's lost and decide to help him find his dad (Who you have no idea is THE Misha Collins.) 

Sparks fly and you start to get some unexpected feelings towards the Supernatural star. 

(All actors portrayed in this book are single!!!) 

P.S. Some pretty serious stuff happens in this book... So just a fair WARNING...

lanezozo lanezozo Aug 30, 2016
I always say Zoe winchester and people who are in the fandom  laugh and then people who don't know about supernatural look at us like we're crazy for laughing at a name
"And now we're getting many reports of a young girl fainting in a Hotel building, many people say before she fainted she screamed her head off, will she wake up? Find out after this infomercial brought to you by, Castiels ocean of eyes, I'm Gabriel reporting live from up above"
The ground is my new friend...Hey there Ground, how's it going down there?
The9thSpirit The9thSpirit Nov 10, 2016
lol I think if I ever met a celebrity I wouldn't freak out at all
Don't mind me...just made a inhuman noise that's all...I'll be on my way now...
EmmaleneTheAwesome EmmaleneTheAwesome Sep 05, 2016
I skipped ahead to this part and I saw 42 so I was like did I the ultimate fangirl just ask his age?