You're Much Too Young Boy (Destiel FanFic)

You're Much Too Young Boy (Destiel FanFic)

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Marina Kathrine Heveroh By MarinaHeveroh Updated May 08, 2013

As the tugging of consciousness began Dean was pulled out from an alcohol induced slumber. Everything was to damn bright and loud. There was an insensitive scratching noise coming from his right and a frantic pounding noise that sounded like it was coming from all sides.

"Dean! Dean, we need to talk. Answer the door dammit! Dean." the voice continued. Dean let out a groan and then a sick feeling washed over him.

"Fuck!" Dean jumped out of his bed, steadied himself a little, then made his way to the front door of his house. He pulled it open to reveal a disheveled looking Jade, His best friend since middle school. "Why the hell are you making a scene? What if my folks where home? You know I'm hung over," he growled. Jade winced a little and then looked up at him with tears forming in her eyes.

"Dean, Dean something bad happened," Jade whimpered.

Dean ran his fingers through his hair, "what?" he asked, closing his eyes in annoyance. It was to early to think about anything a...

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pizzamansex pizzamansex Sep 22
I almost made a joke. But I won't because people might get offended. And THIS IS A CHRISTIAN SITE.
What happened to the Impala. speaking of the Impala. I want a 67' Chevy Impala when i can drive Supernatural Castiel is like, thousands and more years older than Dean?
Everyone up here is like no this is just creepy but I think this is amazing idk why
pizzamansex pizzamansex Sep 22
Also I just pictured jade giving birth and a fully grown Cas popped out and dean fell in love w him