JunJou Romantica: University Life

JunJou Romantica: University Life

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Zee Star By ZeeStar30 Updated Aug 02, 2016

This is a University AU, that has no connection to my previous highschool Stories. 

Misaki is starting his first year a M-University and moving into a dorm. His roommate just so happens to be the fourth year student Akihiko. Who is pissed, since he used to share a room with his unrequited love, Takahiro. For some reason he completely blames Misaki for the two older students not sharing a room this year, so he is a complete jerk to him. Since they share a room, spending sometime together isn't a choice. The feelings that start to over come them, aren't either. The problem is, Akihiko wants to try and ignore those feelings, but he can't stand it when someone else gets close to Misaki.

(Misaki & Shinobu are first year students. Nowaki is a third year. Hiroki, Akihiko, Miyagi & Takahiro are fourth years.)

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Is it sad that im so antisocial if someone said this to me I would run
usagi-san is being a dick. I think that misaki should be with ryu for this fanfic
maari198 maari198 Jun 05
😂😂i am going to say that when a teacher tells me i am disorganized
Chiaki-ai Chiaki-ai May 04
Usagi-san, I slap the crap out of you if you talk to bae like that again
"I'm top" Usagi  says " I prefer bottom anyway" misaki said they were right I was laughing so hard when they said this I know it's just for beds but in bed I mean wow
I........ I should stop here b-before my nosebleed gets any worse........