Just Another BBW | Book 1

Just Another BBW | Book 1

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Kia Robinson✅ By KiaLovexo Completed

WARNING: Tereny will piss you off throughout this book. So if ya don't have patience, this ain't for you lmao! Read at ya own risk tho. 

Tereny hasn't always loved the body she was in until the love of her life, Tray, came along. Although he's married, she loves him too much for what he's done for her and how he'd encouraged her to love who she was. And because she's in love with this man, she fails to realize that he isn't the only man who loves big women. She breathes and lives for Tray. But one incident may have taken him out of her life...for good. 

So with no knowledge of his whereabouts, no love, and no Tray, Tereny is left alone and just can't understand what's up. But one guy may change all of this...that is, if Tereny allows him to. Tray may not be around to claim her and love her, but her heart still belongs to him. Because she's so fixed on Tray, in her eyes, Tray's the only man who really loves women for their heart and their soul. Every other man is just out to get one thing. And because her mind is so brainwashed, she could be missing out on the best thing. Let's just hope she realizes that before this gentleman is gone too.

dazneaa dazneaa Sep 28
Wowwww 😭💀 gotten feeling through this whole book imma be commenting 💀
Kuraeh Kuraeh Oct 22
Hmm, don't be too sure of dat. A bitcg she might be, but they all come with brain, sadly. Be careful, gal
Miss_love14 Miss_love14 3 days ago
What can kind of foolishness is this * my African accent coming out now*
Tray doesn't even know what he wants. It's either a gf or a wife you can't have both
More than anything I feel bad for her. He's a predator and she's so naive and young and dumb. She don't even peep that he's using her.
Kuraeh Kuraeh Oct 22
But u soon will, hon. U no deep down in ur heart dat u'll nver be anytin to him but his mistress and u shouldn't bring urself dat low for a man.
                              No matter how good he takes care of u and knows how to wield his, uhm, sword. :)