Puppy Eyes (Big Hero 6 x Reader One Shots)

Puppy Eyes (Big Hero 6 x Reader One Shots)

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RosebudLavender By RosebudLavender Updated Aug 10, 2016

so, this is a book of one shots of various Big Hero 6 characters x Reader. This is my first time writing anything like this, so I hope I do alright, and you enjoy! There will be spoilers for the movie, so read with that in mind! =D There will be some girl x girl in here, so if aren't comfortable reading those, feel free to skip them. =D

I would love to hear any requests you may have, so please feel free to send them in! =D
List of Character x Reader I might do:
Tadashi x Reader
Hiro x Reader
Wasabi x Reader
Fred x Reader
Baymax x Reader
Gogo x Reader (yes, girl x girl)
Honey Lemon x Reader (also girl x girl)
also Sibling! Reader to any of the characters. =D

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, Big Hero 6 and it's characters belong to Disney. I also do not own the cover photo. It just makes my heart melt. =D

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Awwww *cries* *sniff* this is emotional and adorable *wipes tear away*
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Lilly Rose Hamada born April 2, same day as mother, just a few hours apart
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Ok.. So my favorite name is actually Leigh-Anne, second is Emilia. So it will be Leigh-Anne Emilia Hamada, born on 17th February. AAAAW GOAAALZZ
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Emma Marie Hamada ~ Born: April 11th. (I have no idea why I picked the mouth April, it just seems like a good month, and I picked 11 because I was born on the 11th and its my lucky number).
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I always smile like a madman so is this the same thing or no
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Me: *screams out in joy* Yyaaaaayyyyyyy
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