A  Change Of Place (ohshc fanfic story)

A Change Of Place (ohshc fanfic story)

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Camille Joy Pulido By Amazedbybeauty03 Updated Jun 01, 2016

What will happen if the host club finds out that haruhi has a sister? 

What will happen to hiruhi as she go back to her dad and her sister from being away for so many years?

What might be the story of the  host club go as haruhi's twin sister who is hiruhi her self inter's ouran high school academy and meet her sisters friend and find out about haruhis made up identity at school? 

Please find out and read the story to know more... 
(I'm not a good description giver but I promise the story it self is better) 
-hahaha,  that did rhyme just there huh.. 

(I don't own ohshc,  just my OC and some made up character)

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Amazedbybeauty03 Amazedbybeauty03 Apr 22, 2017
Oh! its muah2x chup2x.. The (2x) indicates as what is written.. (Muah(two times) chup(two times)... Hehehe...
MCandyLuver MCandyLuver Jun 20, 2017
Little do u know it's gonna get chopped down ( I'm dark... )
ShadowMoon66 ShadowMoon66 Oct 15, 2017
Erm... Is it a pink t-shirt with a picture of a plane or a plain t-shirt? I'm still a kid sooooo....
tsdpotatocow2 tsdpotatocow2 May 01, 2017
Shorts, a tank top, and Basketball Hugh tops are my style🏀
Melody_Yui_Dragneel Melody_Yui_Dragneel Jul 15, 2017
You know, you literally just dissed your sister. I know that your living the rich life, but that's not nice to call your sister a commoner
killerashlyn09 killerashlyn09 Feb 07, 2017
Sorry, I just think that that's supposed to say:
                              'She picked a plane pink t-shirt, a pair of skinny jeans along with a set of leather boots, just my style.' 
                              Or something along those lines, sorry for bothering you.