It Doesn't End With Blood

It Doesn't End With Blood

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*Undergoing some quick editing; somethings might be swapped around (Fair warning)*
Verun Hampton. 23. Male. Hopeless romantic. Gay. That's a picture to paint in your mind. The last part doesn't exactly show; I'm a lot uglier than most men and it isn't something I can fix. Beast is actually my nickname. Tall, hulking, mass of tanned skin and scarred, warped face.

I always thought my life truly began and ended when my mate, a fierce and wonderful alpha accepted me and promptly mated with another alpha female the following night . Yes that hurt, but it as soon as I was up and leaving that man, it got better. I decided that my life really began when I fished out those two kids from the river. That was the day I became a father you could say. Not a rejected mate, a beast who made children cry or adults cringe.

A father.

Those two little werewolves were my new life and accepted me as such. More than anyone else had ever done.

But it's typical; just as I am happy, a new problem has to wash in to the city I'd settled in, followed by a storm.

Family doesn't end with blood.

Life certainly doesn't end when you realise that those you thought were important are nothing to what Fate has in store for you, I begin to realise with the effects of lovely silver eyes.

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