Winston Preparatory // Book 2: Flying High (Canterwood Crest: Horse)

Winston Preparatory // Book 2: Flying High (Canterwood Crest: Horse)

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Horse By horse_pony Updated Feb 11, 2017

**Canterwood Crest (inspired) Fanfiction**
Winston Preparatory Private School is an elite private boarding school located in Kentucky.  Only the most deserving students attend and it is an honor to be a student there.  One of the best aspects of Winston Prep is their riding program; with top of the line coaches and dream worthy horses, this stable is major competition.

Jillian Dodd is returning from the New Year more excited than ever.  Riding is going great, she has a potential relationship with someone to look forward too, and befriending the new foreign exchange student makes it all the better.
Then things take a turn for the worse when her friendship with Siena becomes shaky, and a few harmless pranks become dangerous.  With the addition of the foreign exchange student, competition and tension at the stables is higher than ever.  Will Jillian be able to fly high and make it through the year?  Or will she crash and burn?

*NOTE* This story is going to be PG-13 because there will be some swearing and some "romantic scenes" (no sexual scenes, though.)

hippos2020 hippos2020 Apr 27, 2016
Omg I am just say I love your books and you are so talented I read the whole first book in 2 days and never wanted to stop and now I get to read and follow along in Thai eeeek😝
-AnyaXox -AnyaXox Jun 06, 2016
YAY BOOK 2 <3 omg,i hope jillian and kody fall in love xD( and i love remi so much but i think she needs a new horse too xDDDDD) but i still prefere Remi <333 xxxx
CrazyEssence84 CrazyEssence84 Nov 06, 2015
As soon as Kody mentioned Alfie I thought of PointlessBlog the youtuber
taliakarim taliakarim Sep 03, 2015
please update im dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read this 5 days straight
WinterStallion WinterStallion Sep 02, 2015
I am sooo excited for the update!!! This is the best book ever!
Equestrian_Cellist Equestrian_Cellist Aug 15, 2015
I love the cover and the book and legit EVERYTHING about it already!!!!!