50 Shades Freed

50 Shades Freed

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Mrs. Grey By GhostNiall Updated Oct 20, 2016

When Niall Horan first m encountered the young and dazzling Harry Styles he never thought that one day he would be married to him.

But now Harry and Niall have it all love, compassion, wealth, and even more than either of them realize. But that doesn't mean that Niall believes that everything will be smooth sailing now that there's a ring placed on his finger. 

Just as he believes things are going well things will soon be taking a sick turn leaving each individual fear Niall had slip into a reality.

    (Sorry for my bad english 🤣) I somehow can't find the second book..is it still up or did you took it down?? 👀
    Harry did say nobody touches him and only he is allowed to... Niall did promise that so
    I've got a migraine the ranges from up down and sideways (sorry I had to)