Baseball Boys Do It Better (b o o k  o n e)

Baseball Boys Do It Better (b o o k o n e)

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Olivia Patterson has known one thing and one thing only her whole life. 


With her dad being head coach and her brother being pitcher, it's all she hears about at home. 

Baseball this, baseball that.

When Olivia goes through a drastic change and the boys notice her, what will she expect? 

Will the baseball boys be less annoying and obnoxious as she thought they were, or more?

WhiskarsElise WhiskarsElise Oct 21, 2016
                              Wish I could get rid of them and I wish I could stop gaining feeling for people but it just happens
ohokaycentineo ohokaycentineo Jun 11, 2016
Everytime I read Jace I think of Jace Norman like oh my gjkdkdjwj
Bumbleflys Bumbleflys Jan 07
My dad said I'm not getting a car. I'm getting a lifted Chevy truck 😍😍
i-shat-on-your-food i-shat-on-your-food Aug 03, 2016
                              WADE POEZYN, JACK GILINSKY AND SEAN O'DONNELL
laporteT21 laporteT21 Jan 02
Hocky boys get nice asses too though like a lot of guys in sports do
emilyreads19 emilyreads19 Oct 16, 2016
Oh. Well. My brother definitely doesn't do that. I'm lucky if I get a compliment every 2 years..