The Alibi

The Alibi

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Reza By MakeMeSwoon Completed

Alli Fray is in a fake relationship, but not just with anyone, but with Drew Morgans. A golden boy with an inability to be commited to his relationships. 

And it all seems to be going well, until the infamous playboy, Preston Dallas finds out. 

Preston doesn't hide behind charades like Alli and Drew--he's the real deal. Not only is he the heir to Dallas Inc, the top magazine publishing company, but is one of the top rated models in the magazine. 

In conclusion: Preston Dallas isn't to be underestimated. 

-- This book doesn't have a love triangle, sorry to disappoint.

"The Alibi" is a delightful and fun YA novel that tells a very interesting story, detailing how a high schoolers life is so much more complex than just worrying about grades and friendships."- HEXBOUND highlights reviews (OCT 2013)
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alcwood alcwood Apr 25, 2016
The description kind of made me think of The Mortal Instruments because of the name 'Fray'
1PicturesqueUmbrella 1PicturesqueUmbrella Mar 08, 2016
Wow. I told myself I was going to read this a while back but it must have slipped my mind! I loved your other book and this seems really interesting. I'm going to read now.
unicornsnowflakes unicornsnowflakes Oct 11, 2014
I hate love triangles, so don't apologize for anything deary :D
- - Sep 03, 2013
I like that you're going out of your comfort zone to write this. It's very courageous of you. And honestly, they're usually better than the one you write in your comfort zone because you just take more time and all because you're unsure of how it's going to turn out. 
                              Already liking this.
Susanfan1906 Susanfan1906 Apr 30, 2013
Honey I've read the whole thing and it is really cute!  I enjoyed it a lot :)  Now finish it already!
mdoogle mdoogle Apr 24, 2013
Hello! You asked me to critique this book and I've done just that! Check your inbox for it. :)