You're Worth It (Camren)

You're Worth It (Camren)

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Lauren Michelle Jauregui. 

Everyone knows her as the heir of the Jauregui mansion and family. The last of her family. The owner of Jauregui cooperations. The woman who took in 7 children from the streets. The heroine dealer. The killer. 

But no one knew her as; the artist, the singer, the mother and the broken. 

Everyone saw her as this strong, careless woman. 

Except for Karla Camila Cabello-her newly introduced neighbor. Camila's goal is to find out Lauren's secret. To go deeper into her soul. 

But she never expected herself to fall in love. 


"Why do you put up with me? I'm a killer!" 

"You're more than that," 

"Then what am I? Stop with the pity and tell me the fucking truth," 

"You're worth it,"

and now order is restored, the quartet has reverted to its original trio! I repeat, the trio is back! you can breathe again, we're safe! 😌
a mansion and they still share rooms, not sure if that's cool or cruel lol
ooooh, so like a more evil, sinister version of Bruce Wayne?! 😍 if only the butler was named Alfredo or something....
There seems to be a malfunction with your "trio" .... it appears to have turned into a "quartet" 🤔
or maybe a serial killer? I doubt they care much about the weather..... then again, I've never asked 🤔
oh no! I feel a storm coming too.... a storm of emotions if this turns pear shaped! 😣🍐💩