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Zodiac Signs #2

Zodiac Signs #2

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Buttercup By InsaneDemon Updated 9 hours ago

My second zodiac book.

I'm a Scorpio and So true my headphones are my life(I'm wearing them rn I wear them all the time)
so true. I bring my earphones w/me literally everywhere. if we go in a car trip that's more than a half our long, and I forget my earphones, I will either literally die  inside or force my parents to turn around and get them.🙃😘🎧😘🎧😘🎧😘🎧
that-1-trash that-1-trash 2 days ago
@Thealmightyawkward1 HAH IM LEO AND MINE IS A HAIR TIE
                              IMA STEAL ALL YOUR HAIR TIES
                              IM LITERALLY COLLECTING THEM
Actually for me , it would be a laptop. Although I would want a skate board
Viilaa Viilaa Jan 10
Oh hair ties so true😄 I always have at least one in my pocket or around my wrist
AliceAndMax AliceAndMax a day ago
My phone really is important to me 
                              It's like, my only private place