Shapeshifters: Lionsong

Shapeshifters: Lionsong

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Without my powers the shapeshifters are tremendously, overwhelmingly outmatched. With relentless raids on our safehouses whittling down our numbers, our only option is to strike before they completely wipe us out.

Meanwhile I'm desperately trying to figure out what is is that's going on behind the scenes. There's something even more terrifying than our daily lives happening, and I'm willing to bet they think no one will notice because of the war. Maybe that's what this whole thing is for. Maybe nothing has ever been as it seems.

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tashiawriteswhat tashiawriteswhat Apr 02, 2017
Okay. I know this is book four already but seriously, is it Latin or Leighton?! The constant back and forth has me confused...
Lynx_Athena_Malfoy Lynx_Athena_Malfoy Jul 17, 2017
Are Latin and Luke Gay for each other  yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!
LazyCrazyLady LazyCrazyLady Mar 15, 2016
Yes. Being human sucks. Now get over it and work on getting your powers back.