Prey On The Innocent

Prey On The Innocent

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Michael was just another innocent boy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Luke was just another gang member who liked to prey on the innocent.

Muke AU

- - May 24
Hello to the Hemmo! It's Lucass Hem-Hem and his trusty sidekick Asston Irweenie the wild smol (string cuz tallness)beans trying to be punk!
delenainmyheart delenainmyheart Jun 21, 2016
I always read punk!Michael and inocent!Luke, this will be different
My friends lol (not me tho everyone ignores me but it's cool)
_malum_5sauce_ _malum_5sauce_ Nov 02, 2016
After I told my mom I was bisexual, a month later she called me a freak....
supermarketfIowers- supermarketfIowers- Dec 29, 2016
My mom told i used to talk to myself when i was a kid, it was really weird because i would reply myself as someone else was asking me something
lukeshairs lukeshairs Oct 11, 2016
I just read this story for the first time woah i am so late pray for me