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Val By Inspired-By-Many Updated Oct 30, 2016

What if Rin Nohara had a twin sister?

Meet Mei Nohara

She is three minutes older than Rin. She is sweet, kind and caring. Mei wants to be just like Tsunade Senju.

Rin is always jealous of Mei.

Mei is better a Medical Ninjutsu, and is smarter than Rin. 

But Mei loves Rin like the big sister she is. 

What happens when Rin just had enough and explodes on Mei?

Will Rin apologize to her big sister?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Naruto characters just my oc, Mei, and a few others.m

Inspiration: The Love Of It All by author @Kumoriko

  • hatake
  • healer
  • kakashi
  • kindness
  • medicalnin
  • minato
  • naruto
  • nohara
  • obito
  • rin
  • sorrow
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Migale373 Migale373 Mar 18
Ooooooooo yep love triangle 100% confirmed plus chopped and signed now
Whenever I try my puppy eyes they just stare at me with looks I can't comprehend and just stare until I stop
MissMurderz MissMurderz Nov 22, 2016
Excuse me but what the heII? I'm sorry if I offend anyone with all this annoying complaining I actually think the book is rather well-written, it's just that Mei gets on my nerves because I like Rin. Like, like a lot
Sasuka_Senju Sasuka_Senju Dec 27, 2016
Finally someone that know not to let other waste money on them. Phew, thought I was the only one that thought about this
Aisylin Aisylin Dec 12, 2016
If Mei ordered Onigiri, shouldn't he be able to order it too?
Trashy-Tenten Trashy-Tenten Oct 14, 2016
So there's a love triangle in only about the span of a few minutes?