The Street Fighter

The Street Fighter

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Riley West is your typical teenage girl in high school. There, she is the nerd who gets bullied all the time. Secretly, she's a street fighter who calls herself "Slash". Her parents are very well-known. Her father is the legendary boxer, Matt West, and her mother is a well-known fitness model named Sylvia West. 

When Riley was little, she and her mother was kidnapped. Matt spent many years trying to find them. Seven years later, Riley comes back home but her mother doesn't. 
Kyle Vaughn is the typical jock/ bad boy. He sleeps around with the cheerleaders, gets in fights, and throws way to many parties with liquor involved. He always gets what he wants. Once he and Riley West,  he's intrigued by her mysterious personality and to get to her. In order to do that, he makes a bet with his best friend, Derek. 

What's the bet? Read to find out.

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kentarrian kentarrian Aug 03
I swear for a badass fighter around the world she sure is slow 😐like doesn't she know not to answer unknown texts. And of course it's some stupid jock.... smh
Ha.haha. HA.HAHAHaHAhahahHahhHahAhahahHahHhaHahHahHhaHahHahHahHahHahHahHahHahHahHahHhHahHhhhHAHahAHahAHHaHahHhahHahHhHahHahahhHaahHhhaHhaHahHahHahHAhahHhhHahHahHahHahahahAhHah. That's funny
She'll sit on a bed and he'll sit next to her and yell "bro where's my money! ?!" 😂😂😂
travisgarza travisgarza Apr 27
well at least she got trained MMA but the knife and stuff is to far
shes not the hottest girl in school.... you just havent noticed the hottest girl in school
This is actually the first story that I read that's not related to Undertale .-.