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The Street Fighter

The Street Fighter

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mo_trill By mo_trill Completed

Riley West is your typical teenage girl in high school. There, she is the nerd who gets bullied all the time. Secretly, she's a street fighter who calls herself "Slash". Her parents are very well-known. Her father is the legendary boxer, Matt West, and her mother is a well-known fitness model named Sylvia West. 

When Riley was little, she and her mother was kidnapped. Matt spent many years trying to find them. Seven years later, Riley comes back home but her mother doesn't. 

Kyle Vaughn is the typical jock/ bad boy. He sleeps around with the cheerleaders, gets in fights, and throws way to many parties with liquor involved. He always gets what he wants. Once he and Riley West, he's intrigued by her mysterious personality and to get to her. In order to do that, he makes a bet with his best friend, Derek. 

What's the bet? Read to find out.

Hahaha you wouldn't be so confident if I chop that ego of yours
That's right make her feel like a cheap whore😒..Boys😑😑😑
XxBielbyxX XxBielbyxX Jan 15
Confident is the key to...well for you...your ego confident just boost your ego you big fat di-
                              ADAM-Logan I swear to god if your talking about a boy on wattpad again I'm taking your phone
                              Me-but babe he was being a sad
                              ADAM-He sounds like you when can I meet him 
                              Me-I'm moving out...
sonjaymarie sonjaymarie Dec 28, 2016
Omg!! Like every book I read they always wear baggy sweats and converse  like come on!!
Kylasships Kylasships Feb 17
I'm sorry I just laughed so hard from cringe while reading this paragraph
sonjaymarie sonjaymarie Dec 28, 2016
Damn bitch!! The nerds can come! Why do she have to be so rude.