lionhearted ♔ thor odinson

lionhearted ♔ thor odinson

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♡ By -buterabubbles Updated Dec 05, 2015

❝you're my king
          and i'm your lionheart❞

She was so determined to be brave, that she became it; and he loved it.


[ thor ]

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tdfmellark tdfmellark Dec 20, 2017
The "come take a look at this" cliche. My favorite cliche of them all
tinkerblink19 tinkerblink19 Dec 19, 2017
Man I need u to update this story is already good so I can’t imagine how it gets better and it’s my second time reading this
BuckyBarnesAndNoble BuckyBarnesAndNoble May 01, 2016
Okay, now you've got me hooked on just that small sentence. Congrats.
queenfromthehood queenfromthehood Sep 28, 2015
people loving it, but where the rest if the book (no offence)
alexandrbello alexandrbello 6 days ago
like this story only has one chapter and im already in love w it