The Chosen One [Naruto Fan Fiction] BOOK ONE of The One Series

The Chosen One [Naruto Fan Fiction] BOOK ONE of The One Series

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Frosty Otaku By larrythelobster321 Updated Sep 10


I am Kara Sulfan. Or more commonly known by many; the freak.

Why? I'm beautiful.

If that's even a legitimate reason.

 I'm not the loved one who has an admirer or someone who has one or many people crushing on them. I'm not shown kindness, nor am I respected. I do not have friends, nor have I a friend. I have no superiors to look up to, nor have I a junior who looks up at me.


Someone who you run away and stay clear from. Someone you try so hard to hurt. 

Why? I'm abnormal.

Yes, even I admit to that. I know that my beauty is not natural for a thirteen year old girl. I also know it isn't natural how when I want something, my eyes turn green and no one has ever said no as they looked upon them. Otherwise, my eyes stayed blue. I haven't been in a wheelchair, but still, my arms are strong and sturdy. My whole body is. As if I'd been living in a gym. However, my arms remain normal looking, still skinny, no muscle visible as I flex. As if disguised.

Why? I do not know.

I've not a single idea as to why I am strange. And had it not been for the day I woke up mysteriously in Naruto, I may have never known for as long as I would've lived.

Everyone's talking about AOT and I'm over here comparing her to the monster that was Renesmee Cullen
                              Put an "i" between the "K" and the "a" and you have my name
Every Naruto fangirl's dream, to go to that world. Let the adventure begin!
I feel you, being alone sucks I was alone all 7th grade until the end and finally made friends but I still feel lonely at times
I dont have friends 😭 but its okay 'cause im a bad bitch 😜
I'm a 7th year , so that will make me a kohai in middle school I  Japan , right?