daddy || muke

daddy || muke

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"Yes kitten"


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conniewreford conniewreford Feb 06, 2016
I kinda knew it was Michael, in a way. & we're never in the mood for learning ;-;
ThnksFrThMkyWy ThnksFrThMkyWy Apr 16, 2016
I'm late to class all the time and my teachers are like "where were you?? This is a boarding school you live here how are you always late??" Rip
actualtrash666 actualtrash666 Mar 16, 2016
I was late for my first day of school and as I walked in, really out of breath from running, I quietly said fûck but it turns out it wasn't so quiet
Sky_Demon_Muke_ Sky_Demon_Muke_ May 16, 2016
Sweat beautiful orbs (if anyone gets it then I love you forever)
jiminipple jiminipple Jan 06, 2016
I was fully aware that this is a muke fanfic but for some reason I thought this was a girl's POV
30SecondsToRepublic 30SecondsToRepublic Dec 18, 2015
Whenever i read "i silently gasped" or "i gasped", in my head i always imagine this big ol' dramatic's weird