Rated R GirlxGirl

Rated R GirlxGirl

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Dirtygirl1996 By Dirtygirl1996 Updated Jul 02, 2013

WARNING: Adult contact, you were warned...Enjoy 

I walk into my room and found a tall girl unpacking. Her black hair went to her sexy ass, which looked firm. Her lushes breasts were at least a size D and her entire body was lean and sexy. No, stop thinking like that, she's straight.

"Hey." I looked and saw her staring at me.

"Hey," I said in return.

"You're my roommate?" she asked and I nodded. "I'm Rosan." She held her hand out to me.

"Mindy." I shook her hand before laying on my bed. "Where you from?" I asked after watching her ass for a few minutes.

"Austin, Texas," she said, I just noticed her southern accent. "You?"

"LA." She nodded before finishing putting her small amount of keepsakes around her half of the room. "Don't got much stuff, do you?"

"No, I left most of my stuff at home," she said. "Just brought the things I thought I needed most." I nodded before offering to show her around. She accepted and I went through over an hour of trying to to get caught staring...

    rsweetk rsweetk Dec 05, 2014
    i like gxg actions times,,hot but m not into love stories tho.
    Dirtygirl1996 Dirtygirl1996 Aug 09, 2013
    @beautiful_jen i honestly didnt think anyone would comment but thank you for liking my story. ill update as soon as i can, might be a little bit though...sorry :)
    beautiful_jen beautiful_jen Aug 08, 2013
    I really love it author!!! <3 i love it cause i'm bisexual..proud to be :)
                                  Please update soon..i'll wait for it thanks :)